7 Steps For Perfect Teeth Glory | Details, What To Avoid, Regret To Miss

Perfect teeth are a symbol of great oral health. Nobody can ignore a beautiful smiling face with bright, beautiful white teeth. Beaming white teeth is a symbol of well-maintained hygiene, a show of confidence, influencing positively our career, relationship, and social lives. As we take care of our physical health and mental health, we should also take care of our oral health. Teeth do not only help in speaking and chewing, but it also improves the overall lifestyle.

Go through the below article to find out steps that will help you attain perfect teeth.

Check This While Brushing: When & How?

Let us start our journey by brushing our teeth. Do you know that brushing your teeth twice a day reduces the chances of tooth decay/ cavity to only 7%? Brush your teeth both in the morning and night. A Study suggests brushing your teeth after dinner is most important to your teeth and gum away from cavities and other oral diseases.

Everything work shall be fruitful when done correctly, in a correct format, a correct posture. This is also true in the case of brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth is an art and it should be done with all our heart. Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle and make sure your brush reaches the top, front, and back of your teeth.

Selecting A Toothbrush

You might find this silly!!! But the quality of toothbrush you use dictates your tooth health to a much larger extent. The variety of toothbrushes you use and the amount of force you apply while brushing your teeth should be taken into consideration for healthy teeth.

It is highly recommended to use a brush with soft bristles. Soft bristles do easily get through your teeth and gums, neither irritating your gums or harming your teeth’ enamel. Brushing with hard bristles will surely scratch your gums, injuring them, and sometimes can also cause bleeding from your gums. Brushing with hard bristles brush was responsible for faster enamel decay.

Toothpaste & Fluoride

Come up with a toothpaste that has “Fluoride” and has “teeth whitening” property. Fluoride has the property to strengthen our teeth’ enamel.

The Bacteria inside our mouth release acid in the process of breaking down carbohydrates and sugar. This acid harms the enamel content and may lead to cavities. Fluoride in toothpaste can make up for enamel loss, preventing cavities and early signs of tooth decay.

Fluorides can be also found in mouth rinses and supplements.

A toothpaste with teeth whitening property is a kind of bonus at Christmas.

Braces Are Cool!!!

Some people think that using braces is silly!!! But trust me braces are cool!!!

To achieve Perfect teeth health, it is essential to remove the gaps in between your teeth, as it will reduce the chances of food getting trapped in-between your teeth, preventing your teeth from decaying, hence braces are cool!!!

Bracing straightens your teeth, which boosts your self-confidence, along this make speaking and chewing easier.

Teeth Whitening

Every happy face has a smile and, in every smile, there are dominant, bright, white teeth. In case your teeth are not of the shade you would like them then you must go through teeth whitening treatment. A whitening treatment can get you the perfect shade of your teeth that perfectly suits your skin tone and color. Take pride to have white bright teeth and put on a smile always.

Say “No”

Avoid foods like chocolates, sour candies, red wine, bread, carbonated drinks, coffee.
Where sour candies, bread & carbonated drinks are infamous for faster tooth decay and cavities. Candies and pieces of bread get stuck between teeth for a longer period causing bacteria growth, acid formation, causing enamel loss.
Carbonated drinks enable plaque to produce more acid, harming teeth health.

Note: Do not brush immediately after consuming Soda, it fastens the decaying process.

Red wine, Chocolates, coffee, colored soda drinks darken or discolor your teeth. In simple terms, your teeth will lose their brightness and charm.

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