About Us

Gochi Tv is being managed by a group of individuals who understands money and women. We here provide Services and deepinsight regarding your money and your love life. 

The world  has advanced in many sectors like science, arts and literature but somewhere education for money has been left Behind, many a few individuals have the right knowledge about money and they do money work for them. The main problem with many of  us is that we work for money but actually money should work for us.

Warren Buffet once said  “if you don’t make money while you sleep then eventually will be working for money your whole life”. Be With us and you shall find answers to your query relating Money and Financial Freedom.

 Understanding women is basically a  tough job but experts here at Gochi TV offer you solutions to deal with women. you can get dating tips and and list of things you would do if you want to impress a lady of your dreams.