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Beauty schools are basically the institutes that offer courses on beauty. The programs that these institutes offer may be full year on complete courses or courses relating to specific aspects or techniques such as nail art & styling, hair styling, make up applications. 

Beauty applications course is the study of interaction of science and creative arts. For example a person comes in to get a hairstyle and you are there to play a role for the designer. So now it is important to know what is the shape of the person’s face, is it oval or round and which hairstyle would best suit the customer. This is the reason that we say that beauty courses are the interaction of both science and creative arts. 

The short term courses are basically specialist courses in a specific sector of beauty. Though you can find a lot of beauty colleges near your hometown, there are two things, must be taken care of. 

The first is selecting the course that you really like to enroll in (select a course knowing your interest) the second thing you should do is looking for beauty colleges that provide the course you would like to enroll in. but make sure that the beauty collage you select has good reviews and rating from ex-students, companies which hire these beauty professionals. Once you pursue these beauty courses you would have numerous career options. 

Below here is a list of career options you would avail after completion of your beauty course:

  • Freelance Makeup artist
  • Freelance Hair Stylist
  • Salon Owner or Manager
  • TV/Film Hair Stylist
  • Beauty Blogger
  • Spa Owner or Manager
  • Nail Art Specialist
  • Waxing Specialist

So we would like to provide you information about top rated colleges and their rating in general. We recommend you to have a short look at the colleges and their rating in different sections(Training, Environment, Teachers). We hope that this post has helped you to give an insight for Beauty Courses and College.

Advance Beauty College

4.0 Star Rating

Advance Beauty College was established in 1999. Students here have the opportunity to learn and master the latest fashion trends through programs offered by this institute. Students have exposure to the latest hair trend, including Balayage, Colour Correction, hair cutting, blow dry & Styling Techniques.

Students passing out from this institute travel as far as Los Angeles for their work. Along with this students of Barbering have mastery  in precision Cutting, fades, hot hand trends etc. Students enrolled in other programs also tend to have professional interference.

Address: 25332 McIntyre St, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Average Tuition Fees Structure: 550 USD

Programs Offered

  1. Cosmetology (1600 Hour Program)
  2. Barbering  (1500 Hour Program)

* Students who have completed 1600 hour Cosmetology program can enroll for 200 hour Barbering Crossover Program

  1. Esthetician  (600 Hour Program)
  2. Advance Manicuring
  3. Teacher Training

Average Salary After Attending Undergrad: 13,000 USD

Official Website:

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