Carbs In Heavy Cream | Recipe | Nutritional Value

From apple pie to cupcakes- you will need this one thing for sure and that is CREAM. I hate to buy a full pack of heavy cream when I just need a tablespoon or two. I am sure you too have faced this.

In this case, get easy on yourself as preparing heavy cream is quite simple and inexpensive to make, you just need 2 ingredients: milk and butter. There are 3 variants of cream namely: heavy cream, heavy whipping cream, and whipping cream. This categorization is done based on fat content in cream. Heavy cream and heavy whipping cream have a different texture but have the almost same fat content of 36%. Whipping cream is rather light and comes with a 30% fat content.

Homemade heavy cream has gained popularity in the last few decades as it can hold its shape for a longer time. It is largely used in pastry filling, piping, topping, and thickening of sauces.

Recipe for Heavy Cream

First, you have to melt the butter. You can do this either on a stove or microwave. Take a pan and place it on the stove. Butter will melt too fast so don’t leave the pan to be heated for a long time.

Keep the melted butter aside inside a different bowl and leave it to cool down.

Now add 1/3th cup butter and 3/4th cup milk and whisk the mixture with an electric mixer, spoon, or hand-held whisker until it turns thick and frothy.

Your heavy cream is ready to boom. Use the amount of cream you need right now and preserve the rest in your refrigerator.

Heavy Cream Nutritional Facts

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