Chocolate Cake Shot | Something You Won’t Risk To Miss.

“Chocolate cake shot” is my absolute love when it comes to birthday fun parties. I don’t have to look around for the cocktail shaker after the party (which I don’t find most of the time). It’s easy to make and liked by all.

The Chocolate cake shot is a combination of vanilla vodka (no specification) and Frangelico Liqueur with a dash of sweet lemon. This drink is more appealing in the summer as this is light, and goes good with any food especially BBQ Meat. Start your birthday party with this fun shot and you will never regret it.

Let me not take much of your time and share with you the recipe of this infamous cake shot and then we shall talk about what makes this Chocolate cake shot so interesting?

The classic Italian liqueur “Frangelico” Is made from Tonda Gentile hazelnuts, found in Italy’s Piedmont region. An unknown infusion takes place when Vodka and Frangelico come together, giving you the experience of liquid chocolate cake.

Some argue that serving this drink with lemon on the edge is not necessary, I agree with it. But you cannot disagree that having lemon after the shot plays with your taste buds and the experience is unique.

Something that adds to the taste is the sugared rim of the glass, a sweet and satisfying shooter that everyone loves (at least all my friends). Hahahahah…..

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