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Some people love cottage cheese others hate its taste. So, what does cottage cheese taste like?
Cottage cheese is a love it or hate it food,” What does cottage cheese taste like?” is a dilemma for the majority of people. Surely, you won’t be getting a uniform answer to this infamous question “How does cottage cheese taste in actual?”.

Varied people, Varied answers!!! Well, some say cottage cheese has a soft, creamy texture with a slightly salty taste, others keep their view as it is a fresh cheese, so it doesn’t undergo any ripening process to develop any taste. However, all agree on one thing that it is soft and creamy. Cottage cheese has some amount of curd, it makes texture seem strange. This is the main reason some people are not very fond of cottage cheese.

Popularity Of Cottage Cheese

The popularity of cottage cheese has well grown in the last few decades as it is a low-calorie and protein-rich cheese, and is being often recommended as a part of a healthy diet.

A diet including cottage cheese, along with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is preferred by athletes and weight loss planners because of its high protein and nutrient content.
Moreover, it’s available in lactose-free, whipped, creamed, and sodium-free varieties.

Which Cottage Cheese To Buy?

The cottage cheese is all good but the only drawback is its texture and smell that might be off-putting for some. The flavor of this cheese s not the same for all of its varieties. For cottage cheese with high milk content, you will get a milky taste and for cheese with low-fat content, you shall experience a sour taste, similar to sour cream.

Confused about which cheese to buy? the trick lies in knowing what flavor appeals to you and thus adjusting the milk content. It’s all about your preference.

Health Benefits Of Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese & Weight loss – First of all, cottage cheese is high in protein and low in calories which restricts your higher calorie intake compared to other foods. Secondly, It has a higher level of a protein called Casein. Casein is not only known for prolonging satiety, which means eating cottage cheese will keep you fuller for a longer period but also for enhancing the ability to absorb amino acid, leading to fat burn and lean muscle gain aka muscle building.

Cottage Cheese & Anti-oxidant – Riboflavin an antioxidant is found in abundance in cottage cheese which regulates the production of red blood cells in the human body.

Cottage Cheese & Bone Health – It being an excellent source of calcium, helps to boost your bone and teeth health. Normally your bone health starts degrading after the age of 40, better be prepared from now. Calcium in dairy products is believed to reduce your insulin resistance preventing you from type 2 diabetes.

Cottage Cheese & Vitamins – As per a study, this cheese is a rich source of B vitamins which is not only beneficial for a pregnant woman but also helps the body to break down the carbohydrate into glucose, supplying energy to the body.

Side Effects Of Cottage Cheese

If you are lactose intolerant the cottage cheese might not be the right choice for you. This certain cheese is fresh and unripe cheese, it contains more lactose content than any other variety of cheese. Moreover, adding extra milk to it will enhance lactose content within this cheese.

Cottage cheese is deficient in fiber content, to be exact it has no fiber content at all. Where fiber helps to lower your blood sugar and cholesterol level, a higher intake of foods that are low in fiber will eventually lead to constipation.

Make Your Own

Making your cottage cheese is quite easy, just add renin to milk, this is all it takes. The only thing to keep in mind is the milk fat percentage. Adding renin to milk form curd, separating the solid part from the liquid ones. Now once the curd is formed you will need to extract the solid part and, voila, your cottage cheese is ready. You can also add cream and salt to enhance its taste.

CWC – Cooking With Cottage Cheese

If you like cottage cheese as it is then you can prepare salad, or eat it raw just by adding salt and pepper.
Cooking with cottage cheese brings in multiple recipes that are delicious and healthy. Starting from baking to make cake and cookies to pancake batter or preparing lasagna, cottage cheese can be used. For a better experience watch the video below… Happy Cooking

Enjoy Being Healthy

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