List Of Dress To Impress Tips For A Date

Wow! What a wonderful feeling when you know that someone special would be waiting for you at a fancy restaurant. You would be surely happy and nervous at the same time but don’t take a wrong decision in selecting the outfit for an dinner date. I would have gone crazy if it happened to me and i would have done something really nonsense, for God’s sake.

Don’t worry, we are on rescue.

⦁ Outfit Selection

For men

I. Tailored dinner jacket
II. Slim button down shirt
III. Plain jeans (but it shouldn’t be skin tight)


I. Dark denim jeans
II. Oxford shirt
III. Matching Sneakers

For Women

I. Stylish skirt with a matching top
II. Spring outfits with brown jacket and black jeans
III. Stylish but classy dress with the hem finishes below the knee.(Recommend for date night)

⦁ Feel Comfortable

Feeling comfortable within your outfit is too necessary because when you are not feeling comfortable with what you wear then how on earth can you make the opposite feel comfortable with you.

⦁ showcase the best feature you have

Physical impression is surely a big bonus that might work on your favor to impress someone with you on a date.
It is already known to you about your best body feature, showcase them.

I. If you have beautiful long legs then you can wear a skirt with sweater on top.
II. If you are a boy and you have atheistic muscles then you can go with a Half Sleeve White Shirt.

⦁ Dont change compleately

Don’t completely change your style & identity, looking to impress someone on a date night. You are sending the wrong message to your date partner about what you really are, as a person.
You might be setting up expectations that you can never fulfill and that is not good for your future relations.
So, dress to impress him/ her but don’t be all a different identity.

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