4 Dress To Impress Tips For An Interview

Dress to impress for an interview is really important because getting a job is really tough in this high competitive world.your interview attire should be picked out thoroughly as “First Impression Is The Last Impression”. You might be the most talented in the room but what you wear at an interview also counts.

⦁ Dress Code

The most important thing you can do is to find the company’s dress code because when you go as per their dress code you really have an edge over others.

you can also get in touch with any individual who’s already working in the company and find out their dress code or just wear something that majority of the employees are wearing.

You are going to an Interview and you should have that in mind always and thus you should wear something that is conservative. A dress suit or pant suit would do good.

Interview Outfit

⦁ Dressing suggestions

For Men

i. Button down with dark slacks
ii. Textured blazer
iii. Navy blue blazer
iv. Matching Ties

For Women

i. Blue Blazers
ii. Button down shirts
iii. Black dress and tights
iv. Sweater and black dress pant

⦁ Your Shoes Matter

you want to look different from the crowd in an interview? ; Someone outstanding?
Then you must have the shoes that matches your outfit.Never wear dirty or unpolished shoes in an Interview as it points that you are not serious enough for the job.

We would recommend something like fabric lace-up or slip-on dress shoes or low heel pumps with wide heels for women and for men dress shoes or Oxfords would surely do.

⦁ Grooming Is Essential

Grooming is must do for an interview. Grooming is something which shows that you take good care of your self and this will set a vibe that you can take good care of the company.

Hairstyle suggestions for women:

i. Professional Ponytail
ii. Ballerina Bun
iii. Top-Knot
iv. Braids Galore
v. Classic Chignon

Hairstyle suggestions for men:

i. undercut
ii. Neat Pompadour
iii. Pushed back and Curly
iv. Buzz Cut
v. Ivy League

⦁ Confidence Is The Key

wear something that makes you feel confident.No matter how intelligent you are, you should be confident enough to face an Interview. Sometimes confidence is the key to crack an interview. Always try to find balance between what makes you feel confident and what looks professional.

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