Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Implant | All You Need To Know

Worried about your smaller breast size? Have you undergone mastectomy for breast cancer or any other illness? Do you need to have an enhanced breast? This article is for you.

 After going through a lot of research and talking to people who have undergone breast enhancement surgery, we have derived the following outcome. Breast enhancement surely does boost your self-confidence and improves your fashion statement. In this article below, we shall be looking into all details regarding enhancing breast size.

There are basically two ways to enhance breast size one is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation and another one is Breast Implants.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The Basics: In the Breast augmentation process, fat is harvested from a woman’s own body and re-injecting this processed fat into the breast to obtain enhanced volume and perfect shape. The process of harvesting fat is called liposuction and popular donor areas are buttocks and inner thighs, which have excess fat content. It is too clear that within breast augmentation no foreign substance would be used to enhance the breast volume.


  • The breast looks and feels very much natural after Breast augmentation as a person’s own fat tissue is used to enhance the size of the breast.
  • The sensation of breast and nipples remains unharmed.
  • Excess fat could be removed from areas like the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs and re-injected within the women’s breast. This will serve two purposes at the same time, giving you an enhanced breast and slimmer physique.
  • There are almost no scars left visible after fat transfer breast augmentation. The fat is transferred into your breast through a very small incision, which gives a perfectly natural look to your breast.


  • As your own body fat is re-injected into your breast, breast enlargement is only limited to one cup size. 
  • The fat transferred into your breast may disappear through being reabsorbed by the body, essentially diminishing the enlargement.
  • This procedure cannot give your breast a lifted look as a breast implant does.

The estimated cost of Surgery: $5000 – $10,000

Breast Implants

The Basics: This is one of the most performed plastic surgery in the United States Of America. In this procedure, silicone or saline implants are used to enhance your breast size. The patient should be at least 22 years to have a silicone implant and above 18 years for a saline implant.

This procedure is fully FDA approved.


  • The breast enhancement is permanent and lasts for 10 to 15 years under normal circumstances.
  • Sagging of the breast due to pregnancy or severe weight loss is perfectly resolved in this procedure.
  • You can have any desired volume of your breast. Breast implant gives a perfect hold to your breast, adding much to your fashion statement.


  • There is a possibility that your breast implant can get raptured or deflated with time. There will be a need to replace the implant under these circumstances.
  • Patients with breast implants can experience a hard scar formation around the implant.
  • Your breast and nipple sensation might get affected and might not respond as earlier.

The Estimated Cost Of Surgery: $5000 – $15,000

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