GIPHY vs Tenor: Best 8 Comparison

Great men have made their names for significant discoveries and inventions which needed time dedication and sacrifice. Newton is known for discovering gravity, Einstein for Relativity and G-TV from today would be known for finding differences between GIPHY and Tenor. See how we become humorous while doing this research.

Wow, it is just amazing to go through these websites, amazing content, humorous notes and funny GIF would make anyone laugh for hours. I bet you wont get up from your seat till your ass starts to pain.

But don’t judge our discoveries to be minimal. A group of highly skilled professionals(who don’t have any work) were put to work to mark slight significant comparisons among GIPHY and Tenor. We had to bear significant cost for tissue and popcorn. If you intend to ask us why? Then our answer is the so-called professionals kept on laughing till the time tears rolled down their eyes while looking at the funny GIFs and kept on eating popcorn while they worked.

So welcome to our fun world.


GIPHY has GIFS which have content of recent topics and songs. GIFs made out of reaction videos, News and Trending topics as shown below whereas Tenor has no listings of such kind.


When searched for pugs, GIPHY shows the total number of GIFs with pugs content(1,841 GIFs) and has sections as #pugs, #puglife

But on the other hand Tenor has different sections or to say sub categories as “Funny Pugs’ ‘, “Cute Pugs’ ‘, “Pugs say good morning “. Tenor presents you with searches with its ‘popularity growth’ of 30 days. It has single search categorization.


GIPHY has sections of Reaction, Entertainment, Sports, Stickers and artists on its home page. But Tenor limits its sections with “Trending Tenor searches” and “Trending GIFs” only. Tenor has not categorized its contents for Entertainment or reaction in any place.


GIPHY has two categories namely “Relevant” and “Newest” for any searches. We observed that GIPHY acts out fast or we can say that GIPHY has fast reacting users and databases required for any searches.

While Tenor’s GIF relating to any searches are funny for sure but you can find some old contents for your searches.


GIPHY’s posts are recent, more updated compared to Tenor. See yourself  when searched for Emoji on both GIPHY and Tenor these are the results that show up. You can experience the difference on your own.

Content Creators 

GIPHY has international brands and multinational organisations as its content creators. You can see when searched for Football GIPHY has contents and channel from “Football Federation Australia”, “IPFL”, “Audi Football”, “Nike Football” and 10 more channels.

This makes GIPHY a leader in the GIF world.


Tenor has only one section of “upload GIF”. You can only upload GIF that you have already made yourself from pictures or edited videos.

Whereas in GIPHY you not only can upload a premade GIF but also you can create a GIF right on the website. What you have to just do is, add multiple photos to create a GIF slideshow or choose any full length video to trim for GIF. There is also the liberty to add a caption or sticker.

Is it really true? 

You can upload and personalize videos directly from YouTube, Vimeo and GIPHY to create your own GIF. What you have to do is upload the URL of any video from YouTube or Vimeo and see the magic. You need to sign up or login to create an account in GIPHY.

But Tenor doesn’t show any option like this.

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