Knee Flexion And Women

Each year, roughly 10 million women see their doctors,  issues relating to a knee injury, and knee pain. You surely don’t mistake that women who have exposure to sports only suffer tremendous knee pain. Researchers believe that women are more prone to knee injuries because of their physical structure: wider hips, slightly knock-kneed, this alignment eventually produces extra stress on the joints. Flexion deformity aka flexion contracture is the inability of the knee to fully extend. This flexion deformity can be permanent or temporary.

People with flexion deformity has a reduced AROM (active range of motion). This occurrence can be seen in one or both the knees.

In simple words, people with knee flexion find it difficult to fully straighten their knee.

People with knee flexion often walk with a bent-knee gait.

Knee Flexion Prevention Steps

  • The positioning of the limb to promote the extension and oppose flexion.
  • Fixed intervals for the exercise of the knee, standing or brisk walking.
  • Stretching of muscles and joints.
  • Consulting a physiotherapist.

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