Want To Lose Weight In College? – This is best

Are you on the bulkier side of your weight in college? Are you oversized? Do you fear being criticized for your weight?

Do not worry, I am here to help you.  I can relate to how college life is, as I was in college too. New roommates, a changed lifestyle, different exposure, new experience, and disorganized eating habits. Along with this, all-time access to food, late-night studies, stress, and many other factors made you put on a little weight. 

I had the same experience in my college days and this is absolutely fine. You have ample time to work on yourself and change for the better as I did.

College Lifestyle

Below are some interesting things you can do to cut out extra fat from your body and look cool.

Planning Is Everything

I am an all-time foodie and have cravings all the time, but all my meals are pre-planned and organized. This doesn’t mean that you have to follow a strict food plan. You are in college!  For god sake, have healthy foods you like but more important is you must know what you are going to eat.

Set up your healthy food plan ahead (you can also choose among the foods in the cafeteria).

Find out the weekly menu of your college cafeteria and know what you can have and when.

Avoid pizza and fast foods.

Say no to fried and processed foods.

I know it is not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding.

Late-night Crisis

You are in college and waking up till late at night is obvious. Either you would be studying or spending time with friends late at night, might be watching NETFLIX or working on a computer. In all the cases feeling hungry at night is natural. I would start behaving like zombies for food at night in my days and grump on anything unhealthy.

For these situations, you could prefer a healthy snack bar

Another solution is to sleep early and wake up early to finish your work(You might be thinking, what rubbish am I saying?…hahaha ). 

Choose Smart

Choose tasty but healthy foods over foods that you will regret later. Healthy food is always better than chips, soda, and candies. When I say healthy food it could be anything like baked tortilla chips or veggies with salsa or celery stick. Look for your own creative side for healthy foods.

Don’t Work and Eat

When you are engaged in any activity and you take-up munching food without your conscience, you lose track of how much food you are actually eating. You must know the quantity of food you are going to have.

It is most common in the college days that you do multitasking; for example, you are studying and you take something to munch. This is one big culprit for your overweight. 

When you are hungry, keep aside everything and focus on your food. Enjoy your moment with food.

Say Hello Workout!!!

This might be the toughest part of all the activities. (this is the reason I have mentioned this in the last…hahaha)

Jokes apart; You must give time for your workout, not just for slimming down but for exercise will keep you healthy for a lifetime.

When your focus is to lose weight, you must include cardio and resistance training in your workout module. 

Cardio will cut down your calories for sure but if you miss out on resistance training then you are going to lose your muscle mass and slow your metabolism. Resistance training is crucial for weight loss.

I wish you follow the above activities and look good and fit. Thank you

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