All Online Jobs Without Investment In India

Hello everybody!!! here is the list of Online Jobs Without Investment in India. Gone, are the times when you needed money to start a business or had to travel distant places away from home for a job. Now you will be over joyed to know that it is practical to earn money online and also choose it a career option; be it part time or full time. so let’s go down for life changing job lists:

 Online Creator

when you have talent in designing, crafting, then  we assure you that you have an ample opportunity in the market. freelancing in the art of your appraisal in India. you can also sell your arts offline or or you can be a designer yourself in India.

 Average payment Per week: 5000 to 8000 INR per week

you can showcase your talent on social media platforms as well as offer your arts for sale to dedicated websites such as Etsy and Facebook, earn a lump sum per week.

  •  Facebook:  create a Facebook page of a name you like,  something like a brand name of your work and invite people and contacts to join your page and offer contests with free giveaways. you can also register in Facebook Marketplace that enables  buying and selling right in the app in India.
  • ETSY:  if your work is digital then Etsy is the right place for you. you can design wedding invitations templates,  digital posters,  journals in India and abroad.
  •  Your own merchandise:  if you are really creative enough, You can design and sell t-shirts,  postcards, mugs and even bags with small and creative designs. do not feel worried for transportation and Logistics as dropshipping services are readily available. 

online course tutor

 This online platform is going to skyrocket in the upcoming years in India. Apart from regular classes, students all over the country are readily engaging to learn through these  online platforms.

 with advantages like time compatibility, best animations to make understand the subject and cost effective  course fees; parents are adapting the transformation to enroll their children In the online course in India.

 Average pay: 2000 to 3,500 INR hourly.

 If you have right knowledge in any field; designing, photography, health, fitness,  music, Fashion Technology, web designing, regular study subjects like physics, math, chemistry, biology etc then you can be an online course tutor. 

You can apply for online course tutor  platforms like udemy, byju’s, unacademy  sitting right at your home place. you can easily set a mark with little effort and dedication. 

Freelancer writer:

 writing skills are of a great hype in this modern world. if you know how to convey the right things to the right people then;boom, you’re already ahead of your mark.  your creativity and talent can take you ahead in your career. your journey of success can start right from here.

Average Pay: 3000 to 9000 INR Weekly.

You can either be a freelance writer  to write contents For big multinational Corporates, social media platforms or for people who search for creative people in or upwork. Com.

 Handwriting/ typing freelancer: 

we assure you that with very little typing knowledge you can easily earn a great lumpsum in India. This job is like typing a document or journalAnd the most interesting thing is, you can start earning On the day one itself.

 you can join Freelancer portals  where the client would hire you for the typing jobs and you would charge your client on an hourly basis.

 Average pay:800 to 1000 INR per hour.

 and this is surely all without investment.

 Data entry online jobs:

Data  entry is simply entering data to have a digital or soft copy of it. not only in India but also abroad people for data entry jobs are most searched.

 Average pay:10,000 to 12,000 INR per month

Hospitals, multinational corporations, large food chains, have many important forms that are handwritten. These documents have very important information regarding patients and clients which need to be digitally stored for future differences. looking around the other way, these documents would also be a question of security for the client so these documents need to be stored digitally;  here you enter as a hero to do the data entry job as this job needs speed and  accuracy.

 Freelancer web designer in India

Your skill development and designing is going to make your presence worthwhile for sure in India. People who hire Freelance Web designers pay a huge amount for their work.When your work is different of a kind then you don’t have to go for money, money should come to you.

Average pay: 20,000 to 25,000 INR per month

 you can find web development jobs in portals.

Freelancer Photographer:

We are providing you a guide that can change your passion into a profession. The world is too vast and so are the opportunities and do whatever you love and find success.

Average pay: 8000 to 9000 INR per week

  • You can teach about photography because photography is not about just holding a camera.You can share valuable tips and tricks to the people who are really interested in photography and also you can publish an e-book on photography.
  • Sell Your Photos Online:

Websites like and are the most famous photography database in the world where you can display and sell your pictures. You will soon realize that how easy it is to earn from what you like to do.

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