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 Isn’t it strange to discuss relationship problems and ask for suggestions about what to do to a complete stranger? Believe me I first found it to be odd but lately I realized that it could be really helpful because of how strange people maybe but their advice could be genuine because they might have been in that place earlier.

 While I was going through some relationship post recently in reddit I was left stunned. In the post “My (27f) boyfriend (23m) tried to throw out our bed so he could play a video game‘’  this lady mentions that she and her boyfriend are living in a tiny Studio apartment and they are not in a situation to move out to a big space (home) .

Her boyfriend loves to play virtual reality games and is obsessed with virtual reality games.

Personal opinion” how can a boyfriend be not making love to her girlfriend rather playing VR” leave it, doesn’t matter.

 The day before the lady wrote this post something happened that was really annoying at least to me.

When she returned from work she saw her boyfriend dismantling their only bed and replacing their bed with the Japanese futon. wow!!! what a guy

The lady seemed worried and Confused in her post and she said she was worried about where she could take rest at the time her boyfriend would be playing video game. She even thought of sleeping on the ground.

 She discussed problems she would face if he (her boyfriend) replaced the bed with a game setup. The lady even said that she should throw the videogame out of the window in his absence but her boyfriend doesn’t take her conversation seriously in any way either.

People reacted and responded to this post in a good number

edm_ostrich(unknown reddit user) replied ”tell him he better get a virtual girlfriend on to sleep on  the floor with him”

someone said a fact that I also really liked and gave it a thought.

myinquisitiveself(unknown reddit user) replied that her boyfriend was not caring enough neither to the lady or to her opinion  and the boy must be given an ultimatum for his lack of common sense.

sammerS510(unknown reddit user) gave a reply that she was in the same spot when her boyfriend also ordered for a VR. sammerS510 Explained in full details how she was harassed by the act of her boyfriend and how she dealt with the situation. Her reply was really liked by many and I hope her suggestions really help the lady to act in this situation she was in.

 This post (by u/throwawayvr000) was 3 days old and with a lot of people actively taking part in the discussions, giving suggestions, she did update her post thanking everyone for giving her advice. She finally gave her boyfriend an ultimatum and said that she would rethink her relationship with her boyfriend and maybe she would be moving out with her parents again.

 This time her boyfriend took a serious note and discussed what to do in order to handle the situation. Their mutual discussions and talking to each other helped. They are now going to have something like Murphy bed.

She finally wrote in her post that things are ok now.

 See how suggestions from strangers could be helpful. I personally had a very nice experience and satisfying belief that not all people in the world are self-centered.

 Yes, strangers also take care of someone they don’t know and what could be more graceful in this modern world.

Do you still need ice cream!!!! I don’t think so…. hahaha

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