How to seduce a Woman: Best Tips And Tricks

These are proven ways to seduce a woman and these really works. I am am a woman myself and what more would I say to make you believe?(hahaha)

Do Not Rush
start slow by starting a conversation. Listen more, talk less. Pay attention to her activities.

Be Confident
Every woman likes a confident man. Have confidence and the right attitude. To add to your confidence, what you can do is, be properly groomed, dress well(better wear what she likes), smell good, and always have a smile on your face when you are with her.

Humor Is The Key
Bring out your creative side to make her laugh. Say some joke or something humorous with double meaning which will make her laugh.

Eye Contact Is A Must
Directly look into the girl’s eyes. Explore her eyes with true curiosity. Look at her as to how deeply you need her.

Complements Can Be Magical
Truly complement her beautiful nature and her hairs. When you compliment her hair then she will know that you are paying her true attention.

Bring Out The Energy Of Attraction
When you think of something and when that thought is strong enough your sub-conscience brain cell vibrations set up an energy level that attracts the person or things that you really want. When you are near her, think in your mind that how it would feel like kissing her, hugging her, or making love to her. In this case, your subconscious mind works and it truly brings out the magic.

Physical Touch Works
Don’t make it a regular thing but sometimes hold her hands or stroke her cheeks with the back of your fingers when she says something cute. You can also place your hands on her knees or her shoulder.

Be Gentle
Remember one thing, she is not a train to miss. Always be gentle on your first kiss, don’t force on her, start slow. Know if she is enjoying your kiss, Is she kissing you back? Know what she is enjoying the most?

The Parts Of Sexual Desires
There are certain body parts(or zones) of women which when touched, kissed, or licked stimulates sexual desires. These zones might not be the same for all but you still can take a chance.
The neck and ears might respond to kissing, sucking, or gentle biting.
The abdomen, lower back, and inner thigh are strong places to arise sexual desires in women.

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