13 Most Unusual Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Though a relationship is a matter between two heart but physical presence of your lover is something that is most needed. yes, I am in a relationship and it feels divine when I hold her in my arms. I have seen many worst days living alone during my relationship. She had to move 800 miles far from my place for her job. I can tell that if you are in my place right now then you are going through a very tough time and I bet your better half is also feeling the same. If you can’t change the situation right now then at least make it a better situation.

Don’t fight among each other and never judge each other too soon. I can feel your pain but it’s your responsibility to act with maturity during this time of crisis; comfort her with your words and love quotes and everything will be okay

Quote 1

“The rain touched my skin, I felt cold, I missed you”

Quote 2

“I am jealous of the cold breeze who touches you every evening”

Quote 3

“It’s summer & you don’t touch me now
till the winter, I will touch your soul”


Quote 4

“if my heart stops beating don’t take me to a doctor; instead come near me & I will be okay baby”

Quote 5

“you phone call lasts couple of minutes but makes my whole day”

Quote 6

“With every text of your’s; my heart skips a beat and I realize I am alive”

Quote 7

“I fell in love with your soul even before I touched your skin”

Quote 8

“I am the canvas and you the color of my life, I need you to be alive”

Quote 9

“you are the air around me & my heart needs you every single time”

Quote 10

“You the sunshine of a beautiful morning & I the bud about to blossom
I cant touch you still, you bring me life”

Quote 11

“I want to drown in your blue eyes till I settle down”

Quote 12

“Yes, I am mad at you, only not to tell you how badly I miss you”

Quote 13

“Distance gives us a reason to love harder”

Bonus Quote

“Didn’t the evening breeze tell you anything?
I whispered your name to her “

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