Who Is Aaron Rodgers Dating? A New love Story

Wow!!! Aaron Rodgers is dating someone and might be in a serious relationship. There are hash hush whispers again around and, love is again in the air. Yes, a new love story is growing beneath the sparkling stars in the sky.

Aaron Rodgers is dating Big Little Lies actress Shailene Woodley…wooo!!! my heart cuddles when I see the cute couples.

Rodgers, 37, who plays for The Green Bay Packers, led the team to victory in 2011, previously dated Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick is a former race car driver. Danica and Aaron however got separated in July of last year, after being in a relationship for the past 2 years.

Shailene Woodley, 29, was last linked to Rugby Player Ben Volavola in 2018. Woodley and Ben confirmed their relationship status by sharing a photo of kissing each other on Instagram stories. Sources say Shailene met Ben in Fiji while shooting for a movie in 2018 and got separated in April 2020.

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